The Secret to a Stress Free & Relaxed Wedding Day is understanding this...

Wedding Timeline Masterclass: Create your personalised wedding day timeline using a proven system that will reduce stress and organise your day with ease.


Here Are the Details for This Masterclass:

  • When is it? Sunday 13th October at 4pm - 6pm
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop/mobile
  • Who's doing it? Kylie Kelly from Just For Love Photography - I've been a wedding photographer for over 7 years!
  • Why should I be there? To avoid common runsheet problems that make couples feel stressed + rushed on their wedding day!
  • What's it all about? Kylie will show you how to create your wedding day timeline using this easy step by step process. Full details below.

This training begins in...


Why is it important to create your Wedding Day Timeline in advance? 

Just for a second, imagine this. 

It's your wedding day. You've been planning this day for the last 12 months (or more!) The morning starts with everyone getting their hair & makeup done, having a great time. All of a sudden, you realise you only have 30 minutes before you need to leave for your ceremony. Your hair stylist hasn't quite finished. Your photographer has run out of things to photograph and is waiting for you to get dressed. YOU FEEL STRESSED. 

You quickly get dressed into your gown, your photographer takes a couple quick photos and has to leave to beat you to your ceremony. You rush into the cars, no time to spare (hopefully you've remembered to bring everything!) You hit traffic. Suddenly, you're 20 minutes late for your ceremony. No big deal right?! WRONG. 

Because your ceremony started later, it finishes late. You're married - you want to hug and kiss everyone and soak in this moment. BUT with still a lot to do before the sun has set (there's the group photo, family photos and bridal portraits to take), your photographer organises the group photo with haste. You then rush through the family photos, hopefully not forgetting any important combinations. 

You're married but you're also feeling rushed. and THIRSTY. You just want to join the guests for canapes but now, your photographer is telling you it's golden hour and this is when you'll get the prettiest photos so you just push through. These are the photos you'll hang on the wall after all. 

Without even realising it, it's almost time for the reception and time to party. This entire day has gone past so quickly, without a second to stop and soak it all in. So many memories that you've actually missed out on because you didn't have your wedding timeline sorted in advance. The hair & makeup team didn't know what time to start, because they didn't know when you needed to be finished by - which impacted EVERYTHING. 

Don't experience this. Join me on this live training and together, we will plan your wedding day so that you can let your vendors know what will be happening and guarantee that you have a stress free, relaxed day, with plenty of time to soak it all in! 


"Right from the day we contacted JFL, we were amazed by Kylie's personalised service. Kylie offered advice, support & friendship throughout the whole planning process which was above and beyond what we expected."

Aliesha - August, 2019

"It's like scoring an amazing photographer, endlessly patient bridesmaid and wedding planner all in one with Kylie! The timeline she created was fantastic and made sure that our wedding day ran smoothly and on time. Thank you Kylie!"

Bonnie - June, 2018

"There honestly aren’t enough words to describe how amazing Kylie and the JFL team are! Kylie's endless support, guidance and knowledge helped us to plan and capture the most perfect day."

Caitlin - September, 2017

During This Free Live Training, You Will Receive:

  • The 6 most important questions you need to answer to create your Wedding Day Timeline. In order to create your timeline for your Wedding Day, there's certain info you need to have on hand to make sure everything's included. I'll provide you with a checklist before the training, so you have everything you need before we start!

  • My step by step method to create your own timeline. During the online training, I will walk you through step by step so you can create your own wedding timeline, using my winning template, knowledge and instructions. You will finish the training with a runsheet you can send to all your wedding vendors so they know where they need to be and when. 

  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded training. Join me for this training and I'll answer all your wedding timeline questions live during our Q & A session before we wrap.

  • Private Facebook Group: You will also receive access to our Students Only Facebook Group and be able to ask me questions for 7 days after the event too! Normally only my JFL couples have private access to me, but I'd love to help you finalise your timeline and be available for any questions you might have. 

  • Get a copy of the video to rewatch if you need to make changes to your timeline. You'll recieve access to the video in case you need to make changes or tweak your timeline as your wedding day approaches.  

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you hundreds for… even though it's only $59.